Kitchen Countertop Fabricator

Metropolitan is a kitchen countertop fabricator. With our own countertop fabrication shop located at our Norwood, Massachusetts headquarters, we create stone kitchen countertops for homes and businesses in Greater Boston.  Equipped with cutting-edge fabrication machinery, our fabrication shop is one of the most advanced stone facilities in New England regions. Our kitchen countertop fabrication process is collaborative with clients.

What is a Kitchen Countertop Fabricator?

A kitchen countertop fabricator cuts slab pieces of stone into usable surfaces. In addition to kitchen countertops, a fabricator also cuts stone for bathroom vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, shower pieces and more. Metropolitan’s shop is computer-driven, featuring CNC machines, water jets and bridge saws that are used to cut the slabs. 

What Makes a Countertop Fabricator Professional?

When looking for a countertop fabricator, it’s important to find one that is insured. Metropolitan is fully insured and does not sub any work out. Both our fabrication process and stone countertop installation team are very professional.

What Kind of Stone Is Best for Kitchen Countertops?

There are several different kinds of stones that a good for kitchen countertops. Different types of man-made and natural stones are fabricated at Metropolitan’s shop to create kitchen counters. Natural stones fabricated include quarzite, marble, granite and soapstone. Currently the most popular stone choice for homeowners is quartz, which is man-made.

All of these stones can be fabricated into kitchen counters as well as for bathroom vanity tops, stone fireplaces, bathtubs and showers.

Do Kitchen Countertop Fabricators Sell Sinks and Faucets?

At Metropolitan we sell sinks and faucets by popular brands including Kohler, Brizo and Blanco. Kitchen and bathroom sinks and faucets are part of the fabrication process and we help guide clients on how to find the right ones. All sinks and faucets need to be chosen before the countertops can be put into production.

How Do You Find a Kitchen Countertop Fabricator?

Many people find their stone fabricator as referrals from stone vendors, like Marble and Granite or Boston Granite Exchange. Stone vendors supply slabs of stone, but do not fabricate (cut). If a client picks out stone at a vendor location, then they also need a fabricator to turn the slab into a usable product.

Other times friends and contractors can suggest a countertop fabricator. Reach out to one of our 4 locations to find out more about our fabrication process.

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