Project Management

Multi-Family / Project Management

A full team approach

Our multi-family team is comprised of designers, estimators and project managers, who are well versed in the complexities of the multi-family housing market, enabling us to provide unparalleled project management.

From managing large scale multi-unit projects to providing cabinetry and countertops for monthly tenant turnovers, the Metropolitan multi-family team is equipped to handle a wide range of client’s needs and necessities.

Stage 1: The Project Proposal

Collaborate with the project’s Development Team, General Contractor, Architect & Interior Designer

Strategically help navigate Metropolitan’s hundreds of cabinet samples and advise on door styles and finishes

Provide complete architectural review, take-off and quote

Provide multi-unit residential project references for review and verification

Stage 2: Generation & Execution

Deliver a comprehensive set of shop drawings generated from the architectural plans

Dedicated Project Manager on each job responsible for field measuring, coordinating deliveries, attending subcontractor meetings and punch list

Project team provides as-built drawings based on field measurements and final cabinet order

Stage 3: Production & Delivery

Each cabinet labeled with size and unit number for organization during installation

Flexibility and capacity to send deliveries via trailer load or box trucks

Shipment deliveries are able to be staggered for convenience 

Working with Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops was a real pleasure. Every step of the way we were treated well and professionally. The price was excellent, the workmanship top drawer, and they kept us informed as the cabinets were built and when they would be installed.