Quartz Surfaces

Growing in popularity, quartz has come along way in design offerings and that’s why Metropolitan offers a wide selection. For those wanting the look of natural stone kitchen countertops without the maintenance, engineered stone is an excellent choice. Composed of 93% crushed quartz, quartz slabs are a man-made product.

Quartz Brands

We fabricate engineered quartz stone from companies including Cambria, Caesarstone, Viatera, Zodiaq and Silestone as well as other major brands. Each brand offers different colors and patterns and sizes. It’s important to make sure the size slab your design needs is available in the color you select.

Physical Features

You can find quartz countertops in a wide range of colors, but they’re often desired for the uniform and consistent patterns. Many quartz companies offer colors and patterns that aren’t typically found in natural stones, including dark blue and cool gray veining. The boldness of many quartz patterns are widely coveted for the modern style they exude.

Quartz Care & Maintenance

Quartz surfaces are scratch, heat, and stain-resistant as well as non-porous and require no sealer, making this stone a very popular choice for busy households and businesses.

Our Stone Care Guide

Best Places to Use Quartz

Quartz is perfect for any residential room and commercial space. It’s easy care makes it a popular choice for high traffic areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and more. One application to discuss with your stone fabricator is quartz for fireplace surrounds. Natural wood burning fireplaces are not always the right place for man-made quartz.


Our fully automated stone fabrication facility in Norwood, Massachusetts consists of the latest technology and machinery. We fabricate and install all of our stone work and do not sub out.

Prior to fabrication begins, we encourage all parties to view their slabs at our Norwood location and see how the stone will be laid out and cut.

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