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Great Garage Design

Metropolitan’s garage storage solutions line is designed to maximize the usable space of New England garages.  Built in our Norwood, MA facility, every project is thoughtfully designed by our expert team to be both visually appealing and functional.

This line is designed with aluminum legs to keep cabinets off of the floor and away from any moisture. These legs are adjustable for easier installation.

Garage Cabinet Box Construction

Metropolitan’s garage line cabinet boxes are made with TFL, and available in black or white.

Plywood boxes are also available.

A Variety of Door Styles

Metropolitan offers a variety of finish choices to reflect different styles and personal design needs. A large selection of doors in materials including thermofoil, laminate and TFL are available in many colors.

Drawer Box Options

Metropolitan builds our drawer boxes in our factory, and offers two options for garage cabinets.


Created by hardware company, Blum, Legrabox drawer boxes are sleek and modern.


Each maple drawer box is handcrafted and built to specified size.

Wall Track Systems

Metropolitan offers two different modular wall track organization systems. Both systems offer a wide selection of accessories to choose from, including tool hangers, shelves and hooks.


The OmniWall has an aluminum track which can be installed as an individual track or stacked to make up a full wall or backsplash design. The Omni Wall systems is very versatile and offers many accessories from storage bins to a variety of hooks and bracket to store most hand tools.

HandiWall System

HandiWall has a blended Cellular PVC (Plastic) track, which comes in several colors and can be installed as an individual track or stacked to make up a full wall or backsplash design. The HandiWall system allows a flexible layout and offers many options for basket hooks, shelves, bins and more, and can be arranged to fit most storage needs.

Countertop Material Options

Metropolitan operates two countertop fabrication shops – laminate and stone – at our Norwood, MA facility.


Laminate is an ideal material for garage countertops. Low maintenance and cost-effective, laminate is a convenient option.

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Stone countertops elevate any space, and that includes garages. If you’re looking to make your project pop,

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