Cabinet Hardware

Hardware is an essential accessory for any room, adding character and style to cabinets for a complete look. Whether you’re looking to update an older bathroom vanity or working on a full kitchen remodel, hardware like drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, and other decorative hardware have the ability to create a fresh new appearance with minimal effort!

Metropolitan offers several lines of cabinet hardware, appealing to a variety of tastes, from contemporary to classic and bold. Explore the different cabinet hardware lines we offer below, including Berenson, Richelieu, Emtek, Top Knobs and Atlas, on their sites or at one of our showrooms.

Choosing the Style and Finish of Your New Cabinet Hardware

There are many options you can buy when it comes to the fit and finish of your new cabinet hardware. Color, actual finish, and style are the main categories you have to think about. 

Are you looking to remake your traditional home into something more sleek and contemporary? Or would you rather mix and match in what some folks describe as transitional, combining the best of both worlds from the traditional and vintage with contemporary components and pools? Or maybe you want something out there and totally original and eclectic, something that screams you. With so many physical designs partnered with finishes in brushed nickel, stainless steels, bronze, matte black, gold, silver, copper, brass, and more, the options are endless! 

It’s best to decide the countertops and cabinet cuts and colors first and accent that final touch with knobs, pulls, and hinges that really make everything pop. Your door hardware and components say a lot about you and your home… spend some time in our showroom and see what’s available! 

The Main Components for The Hardware In Your Home

With almost endless products and options to show, we thought it might make things a little easier if we broke down one of the most important sub-categories you will come across in your search for new drawer and door hardware. (Depending on your budget and the type of cabinet you choose.)

Handles Or Knobs For Your Cabinet and Drawer Pulls?

The pieces of hardware that have to fit your lifestyle that you will interact with the most are positioned right on the front of your cabinet doors and drawers. We’re talking about the pulls. 

Outside of the finish, you’ll have to decide if you are a handle or knob person. Life is full of choices, one of the more important is how you interact with your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities. You will spend a lot of time in your life in both locations. 

One of the things we discuss with our clients is dexterity. Maybe you’re fine now, or maybe you have issues. 

If you are experiencing issues, we recommend handles, as they are easier to grasp with all your fingers and spread the weight of the drawer pull across your entire hand. They can also look very stylish! 

Hinges That Match Your Cabinet Brass (Or Any Other Style)

One rookie mistake that we see time and time again that has a huge visual impact on the overall living space is the types of hinges people choose. It may sound like a common sense thing, but many people forget to match their cabinet door and drawer hardware with the hinges that they function with. 

Though in some applications it can be a stunning look to have a solid color like black door and drawer pulls with gold tone hinges, it’s a very eclectic taste. 

Most folks want to make sure all of their decorative cabinet hardware is matching and complementary to the design aspects of the doors and countertops they’ve selected. 

We’re Here To Help With Your Cabinet And Hardware Purchase Decisions

Metropolitan offers several lines of cabinet hardware, appealing to a variety of tastes, from contemporary to classic and bold. Explore the different cabinet hardware lines we offer below including Berenson, Richelieu, Emtek, Top Knobs, and Atlas, on their sites or at one of our showrooms.