Countertops / Wood

Metropolitan offers beautiful, custom wood countertops manufactured by CaféCountertops, available in a large selection of wood species, stains and edge details. Wood countertops offer a natural beauty that enhance the appearance of any kitchen.

Butcher Block Countertops

Boos Classic Butcher Block countertops are fabricated of the finest hard maple, offered with rails of different lengths which are rich in defined grain and varied color. Butcher blocks can be preserved by keeping your home properly humidified and by refreshing it with oil on a regular basis. Although the finish is durable, it will scratch as part of normal wear and not intended for use as a cutting board.

CaféCounters Solid Wood Countertops

CaféCounters offers a unique range of custom-made solid wood worktops for kitchen counters. To ensure wooden worktops keep a closed and beautiful surface, each brand has developed a range of maintenance products to protect the tops from moisture and assist in maintaining a lasting finish for many years.