Movable Islands

Multi-Family / Movable Islands

Movable islands or kitchen carts are ideal for the smaller spaces of condos and apartments. A popular alternative to built-ins, these movable carts save big by eliminating wiring and electrical costs.

Due to manufacturing, this product is only available for projects ordering multiple quantities and not for single individual orders. 

Unique Designs to Fit Your Space

Metropolitan offers multiple designs available with a huge selection to match your décor. Available in stainless steel or brushed aluminum, the frames can be built with or without cabinet and shelf space to store. Custom kitchen islands are also available. Only movable island frames are offered, tops not included.

The Advantages of Movable Islands

Eliminate wiring and electrical costs for big savings

Efficient storage and work space

Competitively priced as a cost-effective solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your Kitchen Island Portable?

Imagine your modern kitchen having a prep space/homework station/serving station with or without storage space built in that you could move where needed whenever you needed? That’s the perfect solution for those looking to maximize their square footage while still being able to adjust and expand to plenty of usable kitchen space for guests or activities. 

Does A Kitchen Island Add Value To My Home?

Depending on the size and type of kitchen island you build, yes. One with a stainless steel top may not be as valued as a stone top, depending on what the buyer is looking for. That being said, adding space, be that storage space or space for meal prep or family activities will always increase the value of your kitchen area. 

What’s The Difference Between A Kitchen Cart And A Movable Island?

Though both can accommodate extra storage for things like kitchen utensils, cookware, appliances or they can even include a towel rack or wine rack… the main difference between a kitchen cart and a movable island is that a cart usually is on rolling casters or some other form of wheels making it a breeze to move or store and leave you with plenty of space for entertaining. 

(Smaller rolling cart options can be fashioned for a movable bar cart or spice rack.)

A movable island is more a semi-permanent structure featuring feet or sometimes wooden legs that are meant to stay in place for food prep or in lieu of a kitchen table. 

The Best Kitchen Island Options

There are several ways to construct a movable island. Some clients prefer stainless steel, while others are looking for natural wood. Both can support materials ranging from a butcher block top to stone or laminate, it’s really up to your imagination 

Movable Kitchen Island With Seating

A great benefit of a movable kitchen island is the ability to add extra seating like tall chairs or stools to your kitchen and entertainment area. Not only are you increasing your counter space but you’re also increasing the ability to entertain more friends and family comfortably in your space. 

How Much Storage Is In A Movable Island?

That really depends on the size of the portable kitchen island it’s self! The larger the kitchen island, the more versatility for drawer space and storage shelves for items. 

A large modern kitchen island may grant you more features and extra space, but the downside to a larger island is it leaves you with fewer options and floor space. It’s a trade-off. 

Make sure when you’re weighing the benefits of your future island that it remains a functional island for your space.