What You Should Know About Stone Fabrication and Installation

When it comes to choosing a stone for your bathroom or kitchen countertops, you will find there are so many options available that it can be a bit overwhelming. The size, shape, color, and textures of these materials vary widely and can make choosing the right stone for your needs seem like a daunting task. That is why we have provided a brief overview of what to expect when choosing a provider for stone fabrication and installation for your next countertop fabrication project. We hope this blog will help you make the right decision when deciding on what kind of stone to go with.

STEP 1: Getting Prepared For Fabrication

Before we can get to installing your new stone countertop, we have to prep and complete the stone fabrication.

There is a lot of info that is needed to ensure our stone fabricator team is creating the exact kitchen countertop you want.

Unless you are versed in home improvement and countertop installation, we recommend you find a trusted contractor who can help you gather the information you need to start the fabrication process.

The following should be collected before coming to our fabricators:

  1. All measurements for counter tops, be they bathroom, kitchen, or other, should be completed with sink and any other cutouts needed.
  2. Before we can start creating the finished product you have to choose which type of stone you want. Do you prefer natural stone or engineered stone? Limestone, soapstone, quartzite, quartz, granite, or marble? Which fits the space and your budget? Also, what colors and vein patterns are you going to choose? (Hundreds of slab options can be found in our showroom.)
  3. Any blueprint updates should be shared at this point as well.

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STEP 2: Countertop Material Choices

If you’re unsure of which stone slab or countertop material you should go with, our team of professional designers can help you develop the perfect custom countertops for your project.

From a bathroom vanity or kitchen island, all the way through to a beautiful backsplash or some stunning fireplace surrounds, our design team will ensure that the stone surface you choose from the samples we’ve pulled from our stone quarries will be the perfect centerpiece or accent to your home.

STEP 3: Prepping For Stone Fabrication

We’re almost to the good part!

This is where our team takes all of your input and planning and starts to actually cut the pieces into what will soon be your new countertop.

The fabrication process is done in-house by our master craftsman to ensure that every measurement lines up with your blueprints, ensuring that the finished product you receive will fit perfectly in your home.

Be it specialty marble countertops to fit your bathroom’s undermount sink, or bright and beautiful quartz countertops to show off your updated kitchen, our team at Metropolitan is willing and able to get you exactly what you need to create a stunning living space.

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STEP 4: Installation And Enjoyment!

This is the part where you or your contractor would take the new countertop from our factory and install it in your home.

Based on the measurements you shared with the Metropolitan team, the finished product should be a stunning and perfect fit.

At this point, we’d review the “up-keep” needed for either your new natural stone or engineered stone countertops and the final step on your end would be to live and enjoy your stunning new stone!

We’d love to discuss more about your new countertop adventure! So, contact a member of the Metropolitan Design Team today to talk about your next project. 

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