What Do Stone Fabricators Do?

A stone fabricator cuts stone slabs into working products, like countertops, fireplace surrounds and shower thresholds. In this job, your work responsibilities may vary according to whether you work at a building or a manufacturing plant. Metropolitan has its own fabrication shop and an expert team of stone fabricators. At a construction site or custom shop like ours, you’ll either assemble elements into a temporary structure or do stone fabrication to create the necessary foundation slabs for buildings, bathrooms, kitchens, and more.

There are several different types of stone fabricators so before you start looking for a professional, here is some information that can give you an idea of what they do.

So what does a stone fabricator do? Some make countertops and sinks, but not both at once. You’ll need to know what materials are needed for your project and then they will choose between pouring a slab, press casting, die casting, or forming concrete, among other options. Different methods work best for different projects, we’ll be sure to help you choose the method that’s right for your project.

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As previously mentioned, stone fabricators make both countertops and sinks. The ones that do often make both bathroom countertops and sinks, but when most people think of a countertop fabricator, they are primarily thinking of the people known for cutting marble. Marble is one of the hardest and most durable materials around.

Before you pick your stone fabricator

Before choosing a stone fabricator, check to see what type of natural stone slabs they fabricate. In-house, Metropolitan cuts natural stones including granite, marble, quartzite and soapstone. 

Natural slabs can be found all over the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the US, and Mexico. This means there is a slab manufactured almost anywhere in the world if you search for it. Also, we can help you check to see how many different colors and patterns slabs can be produced with, since you may need to use a color or pattern that’s not available in your area. Our slab yard has options from all over the world in hundreds of color and veining pattern variations, we are your perfect one-stop-shop for a stone supplier and stone fabricator.

A stone fabricator that fabricates countertops will have different expertise than a stone cutter. Since stone countertops and sinks require different skills and techniques, the stone fabricator may be better equipped to handle this aspect of the project than a stone cutter.

Some fabricators are only experienced in granite countertop fabrication, while others are experienced in marble countertop or other stone countertop fabrication as well. If you only have a small budget which may not be enough for a marble countertop, then you’ll want to choose a stone fabricator with experience fabricating a granite counter or another natural stone as well. Marble can be a difficult material to work with and at times, depending on the countertop installation needs, may be too pricey for your bathroom or kitchen countertop.

Talking with our team will help you determine the best options for your budget. Things you may not think of like how to choose a stone slab or the type of surface polishing that was done. These can vary your choices and pricing when it comes to slab selection.

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Fabricating a conclusion

Choosing a stone fabricator that has experience working with stone slabs of various materials like Metropolitan will ensure that you’ll get exactly what you need. Fabricators that work with several types of slabs will know how to cut each stone slab according to the specifications of each job and will be able to produce countertops that are perfectly square and symmetrical. The right fabricator can also help you decide on different options for your finished product. You can have your countertop produced from concrete, a granite slab, a marble slab, a soapstone slab, or any other type of stone that can be used to create beautiful, unique countertops.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do or maybe talk about your vision, contact a member of the Metropolitan design team today to talk about your next project.