What is Remnant Stone?

Remnant stone can be a great option to save some money! At Metropolitan we have a ton of remnant pieces to choose from for design purposes. Read below for when and how going with a remnant stone makes sense.

At Metropolitan we charge by the job, not the square foot, so we often have leftover stone “remnant” pieces after the stone fabrication team cuts slabs for a project, which we then sell at a discounted price.


Is there anything wrong or defective with remnant pieces?

No, these pieces are still as good as full slabs, but they may just be on the smaller side or have random sizing.

We have many different kinds of stone available as remnants – including granite, quartzite, marble and quartz.


When does it make sense to use a remnant piece?

A small area needing stone – including bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds or hutches – are ideal spots for remnants and can be perfect budget-friendly solutions.

floating vanity boston

Are there cost savings for a remnant piece?

Most of the remnant pieces we have for sale are sold a flat price. So depending on the original cost of the material, the savings will vary. You can score a great price on a very expensive marble or quartzite!


Does shopping for a remnant mean you have fewer options?

It doesn’t necessarily mean there are fewer options, but it does mean you need to be more open minded. It’s best to have a color palette in mind instead of a specific stone, so that you can find options that fit your aesthetic instead of a specific stone name.


How do you get your needed measurements?

Homeowners/designers can use the step-by-step measuring guide on our website to find out the project’s dimensions, and then discuss the dimensions with their fabricator to see what is needed for their specific space. Fabrication of stone often sheds inches off the sides of the stone pieces, so it’s important to know how much material is needed in addition to the exact dimensions of the project.


How do you find remnant pieces?

We can’t speak for all fabricators, but at Metropolitan, we keep all of our remnant pieces stacked together for easy viewing at our Norwood location. Almost all the remnant pieces are the same (discounted!) price. Remnant hunting can be a lot of fun, and it’s always exciting so see what you can find!

remnant stone norwood


How do I contact Metropolitan for pricing?

You can send us your information here for a quote!