All About Our Stock Kitchen Cabinets

We designed and developed Cityline because we saw a real need in the market for a budget friendly, stock kitchen cabinet line that was made with quality materials – and stylish design. Cityline is a price-conscious cabinet line that has a 1-2 week lead time.


The Construction

  • The cabinet box is made from environmentally-friendly 3/4” particleboard and assembled by hand in Metropolitan’s Norwood, MA factory
  • The box is coated in Melamine, also known as TFL (thermally fused melamine), a decorative surfacing material
    • Using heat and pressure (300-500 POUNDS per square inch!)  the resin from the decorative layer melts and joins with the surface of the substrate to create a permanent bond. The melamine resin gives this material a very durable and attractive finish. Using melamine laminated materials is a cost effective, lightweight, and appealing choice.
    • This hard resin coating that adds toughness to the surface, making it scratch resistant, adding fire retardant properties and greater resistance to oils and mild acids.
  • The drawer boxes are 5/8” dovetailed solid wood drawers, also made in our factory
  • The line features sought-after details such as soft-close hinges and drawer glides from Blum, the premiere hardware brand. These have a lifetime warranty and are arguably the best you will find in the market place.

melamine cabinets



  • The cabinet box components are assembled with wood dowels, adhered together with glue.  No cam locks or fasteners that can loosen over time are used.  In fact, if you tried breaking apart the cabinet at this connection point you are more likely to break the ¾” thick TFL side before breaking the dowel/glue bond.
  • But don’t take it from us, see what the KCMA has to say about our durability.  Our cabinets are inspected and tested by the KCMA every year to ensure they are in compliance with ANSI/KCMA A161.1.  We meet or exceed every standard from general construction to structural testing and door/drawer operating tests.


  • Cityline can be used not only for residential spaces, but for multi-family projects, rental properties, and other applications that are price sensitive
  • One of the great things about Cityline is it includes features that many people fear they must sacrifice if they choose stock cabinets. Examples include pull-out hampers for laundry rooms, and lazy Susan corner cabinets and tilt-outs in kitchens for sponges.
  • Cityline is offered in 7 different door styles/finishes and so versatile for design purposes. The 3 high gloss slab doors are great for kitchens as well as high traffic areas, including laundry rooms, since the material is easy to clean. The high gloss finish makes any space feel instantly fresh and sleek.  The gloss doors look like custom products and elevate any space – including a kitchen.
  • The Enfield door is a Shaker style in Thermfoil, a water resistant one piece door, perfect for vanities. It can be used in the kitchen too. The KCMA standard for heat resistance requires that doors withstand 24 hours at 120º.   Our doors a covered with a foil thicker than most stock foil cabinet offering an average heat resistance is 185º.

stock kitchen cabinets


  • The price point of Cityline also makes it a great option for spaces where homeowners don’t want to spend a lot, such as basement cabinets, laundries and kitchen pantries
  • As a stock kitchen cabinet line, Cityline prices out similar to stock cabinets from Home Depot or RTA companies


Want to learn more? Call one of our 4 showrooms or use the contact form to set up a free in-person initial design consultation, where a Metropolitan designer will go over finish options and design suggestions.