Need to Know: Quartzite

There is a lot of confusion in the marketplace about quartzite vs marble and quartzite vs quartz. Below are some facts to know when dealing with quartzite.

  • A misconception is quartzite is stronger than marble, when in reality many scratch, etch and stain as easily as marble. Very few quartzite that are currently on the market are true quartzite, and are actually technically marbles.

  • Numerous popular quartzite colors essentially have the same properties as marble, making them just as delicate, and thus should be sold as a marble, to manage expectations.

  • Many popular colors contain calcium carbonate, making the stone “soft”, which qualifies a stone as a marble.

  • Popular soft quartzite colors that are technically marbles include Super White, Fantasy Brown & Everest.

  • Honed and leathered finishes can help mask scratching and etching, but do not prevent marking