5 Design Tips from Matthew Quinn

Getting to see kitchen designer Matthew Quinn speak is truly an inspiring experience. His creativity not only pushes boundaries, but sets design trends on a whole new course.

Although his designs are not for the everyday household, he does have some very god tips and advice that any designer or homeowner can put into practice. Here are some of our favorite Matthew Quinn words of wisdom…

  1. Identify the top three words that the client describes as wanting to achieve for their new room’s design, and reiterate those three words at every meeting (words such as dramatic, comfortable, fun, efficient, streamlined)
  2. Get rid of all the angles in the room since rectangles and squares work best for design
  3. Pick the floor first, then the countertops, then the tile and choose the cabinets last (very interesting!!)
  4. By putting all tall cabinets together on one tall wall will make the room feel bigger
  5. Millennial clients want fewer choices


Matthew Quinn Kitchen