Kitchen Items NOT to Cheap Out On

Kitchen remodels are often the biggest investment homeowners put into their homes, and the costs keep adding and adding up! However, to protect your investment, certain items should not be done or bought on the cheap. Some of Metropolitan’s own designers weigh in on what not to skimp on…

  • Janet Hesselschwerdt – Sinks & faucets. “It’s best to get a good quality one that will last a long time, because you don’t want to have to rip your sink & faucet out.”


  • Jennifer Stuart & Kathy Magee – Cabinet inserts. “Good cabinet inserts can make your kitchen more efficient – such as spice pull outs, sliding shelves, and pantry cabinets.”

  • Marie Kennedy – Anything that moves. “You should pay the money for quality cabinets with movement, like magic corners, mixer lifts, and appliance garages, because you are going to use them everyday and if they don’t work well, than what’s the point!”

  • Ron Rowell – Drawer boxes with wood dovetail routed into drawer bottom. “No matter what anyone says, we stuff our drawers with everything, so sturdy drawer boxes are essential.”