What to Keep in Mind When Choosing Hardware

When choosing hardware, the homeowner’s lifestyle should be considered in order to make smart choices. A few Metropolitan designers offer some tips to keep in mind when making selections…

Jennifer Stuart suggests:

  • Choose hardware that fits the size and scale of your hand (this is really a thing!)

Janet advises for older homeowners:

  • Pulls are better than knobs, because pulls allow you to grip easier than trying to wrap your fingers around a knob.

  • Avoid bin pulls on low cabinets, since it forces homeowners to bend down low to get their fingers under the pull.


Marie recommends: 

  • Seeing the hardware in person. Hardware that may look great online can actually be light and cheap feeling in person.

Ron cautions: 

  • Oval and square knobs may turn from usage overtime and need to be frequently tightened.


Cicely points out:

  • Take inventory on the metals being used in kitchen décor to ensure the hardware fits in with the appliances and fixtures.