Hot Trend 2021: Warm Wood Vanities

Life gets crazy, and your home typically becomes the place in the world that grounds you. A renovated master bath can become an oasis for relaxation. We love these recent Metropolitan master bathrooms that feature gorgeous custom vanities in natural woods. Warm wood grains are one of the big trends of the past decade that’s continuing into the ’20’s!

Who makes the best quality bathroom vanities?

We do! Hand-crafted in our Norwood, Massachusetts shop, these modern bathroom vanities below were custom-designed specifically for each client’s particular sink and cabinet projects. From a full guest bathroom rebuild to a single vanity, these warm wood vanities with their calming hues will make you feel like you live at a spa!

warm wood vanity

What should I look for when buying a bathroom vanity?

That really depends on your style. Are you drooling over rustic bathroom vanities on Pinterest or do you think your space deserves some sleek lines and hard edges more commonly seen in modern bathroom vanities? The style of your sink, the drawer, the countertop can all be perfectly matched to your dream… then all you have to do is focus on the bathroom decor!

What do bathroom vanities cost?

That really depends on what you’re looking to make them out of and what details you’re looking to include.

You could build just basic medicine cabinets on the wall and stay very cheap, though you’d be lacking storage space. On the other hand, you could go crazy with a full wood bathroom vanity that has an undermount sink or maybe a top-mounted vessel sink and the quietest and smoothest drawer slides you’ve ever had the joy of throwing your toothbrush into which will end up costing you more.

custom oak vanity

What kind of wood should I use for a bathroom vanity?

We get a lot of questions about MDF, particle board, and plywood as opposed to real wood here at Metropolitan. The truth is, though some prefer natural wood, you can use just about any of those options that best fit your budget.

Here’s some insight to help with your bathroom design:

Solid Wood

Used for thousands of years by craftsmen around the world, solid hardwood is an option that some folks can’t get enough of for their bathroom vanity set.

From reclaimed wood to new hardwoods like cherry, mahogany, oak, or maple, any real wood makes a great choice for your bathroom vanity cabinet as long as you can manage the humidity.

Real wood tends to expand and contract with moisture so at Metropolitan, many of our wood doors have an MDF center panel to avoid cracking.


Also known as Medium-Density Fibreboard is an engineered wood material that combines wood pieces with resin or wax. It’s a cost-effective option for your bathroom remodel, and as a bonus, it usually has a very smooth surface and clean lines that take paint very well.


Plywood is made from glued and pressed natural wood veneer layers. Its cost can vary with the quality of the end product. Plywood is a great and common choice for your vanity cabinet as it can stand up to expansion and contraction from water much better than even natural wood.

Particle Board

Though particle board is an option that some may choose, this engineered wood product is very reactive to water or steam. Different qualities of particle board may stand up longer to abuse depending on the glue, heat, press process, overall we don’t recommend that you use particle board in a high moisture area like a bathroom vanity.

stock bathroom vanity massachuetts
Vanity with an MDF door and a particleboard cabinet box

What are warm wood tones?

Warm wood tones bring yellows and reds into your house. A solid hardwood like cherry or mahogany can warm up your home and create a rustic feel. Whereas the dryer woods like Ash or Maple create a much cooler feel in your home.

The nice thing about the warmer woods is that you can mix and match without getting overwhelmed. So you can have a small bathroom with a single bathroom vanity that complements the furniture in your home as long as they are all warmer-toned woods.

What is the most popular bathroom vanity color?

That’s a hard question to answer as bathroom essentials and styles have changed over the years. Recently there’s been a “green” push and we’ve seen a rise in the love of reclaimed barn wood, but over the years, warmer wood vanities with brilliant stain colors have been a staple in bathrooms all over the world.