Designing a Homework Station

During this crazy school year with schools being closed and kids being homeschooled because of this pandemic, many families are trying to figure out where in the home they should set up a temporary classroom or homework station. Creating dedicated workspaces for kids to do school work is fantastic (so they’re not stuck at the dining room table) – and if designed with care and thought, can be a permanent spot in the home where they can focus. Space for them to organize books, folders, art supplies, scissors, colored pencils and pens, and anything else they need for homework time.

What makes a good home learning space for kids?

One of the most popular trends in the home improvement world right now is to turn unused spaces in the home into learning areas or a homework station. For example, in smaller homes, a third bedroom or home office can be replaced with a learning studio or a multi-purpose room for studying.

Smaller Room / Home Homework Station

If your homework area is a small space and very limited, you can design a closet into a dedicated homework station by adding a built-in desk made of a wooden countertop and some storage baskets or a supply caddy for extra storage. Homework stations can be simple to be effective. 

Larger Room / Home Homework Station

In larger homes, the basement can be turned into a recreation space for kids, and the finished attic can be turned into a cozy reading nook.


How do you make a homework station?

If you’re looking for a homework station for a child, it’s all about planning and organization. While it’s important to make the space comfortable and inviting for your child, it’s even more important to take time to set up the space in a way that will actually support studying. That means developing systems that will help your child study more efficiently with a dedicated homework station that allows them to be more organized. Once you have a designated space for homework, you can create a schedule, stick to it, and keep the area organized with supplies.

How do I set up virtual learning homework stations?

If it’s a shared workspace, be sure to set up individual storage space to avoid distracting your students with arguments over craft supplies or paper. A specified shelf or drawer will help keep the study station calm and organized. One spot can be set up for a home office computer desk, and another for office desk writing. 

Homeschool Is Still School

Be sure that your kids know that during school hours this isn’t a playroom but a place to work on homework assignments and a study space for remote learning.

Here are some kid’s homework station products and designs we love for a functional, and inexpensive, homework room.

homework room

What are some options and ideas for building ultimate homework stations?

  1. Laminate countertops are the perfect surface for a homework station. Extremely durable and non-porous, laminate is perfect for elementary school or middle school children and messy school assignments!
    • Laminate is also very affordable so it’s a great idea and option when the remodeling budget is tight. Laminate comes in a lot of great colors, we especially love the brands Formica and Wilsonart. Formica’s laminate is also writable! Kids can write right on the countertops (and not your kitchen table) with erasable markers for an easy activity!
  2. Cabinetry that’s cost-conscious, like our Cityline, can house artwork materials, school supplies, homework supplies, crayons, and paperwork. The built-in organization makes the ultimate homework station space functional for young family members.
    • Cityline comes in 7 different door styles and is another great budget-friendly option for a homework room. The cabinetry is extremely durable and works very well in a space that will get a lot of usages. All of the doors and drawers are soft-close.
  1. Chalkboards or whiteboards framed can be a specific spot for families to write down goals, to-do lists, a shopping list, or activities. We love having a dedicated one for each kid! The framed writing surface also acts as a divider for each child to have their own spot and space.

If you want to learn more and how we can help you create a homework room for your family, contact us! We would love to help you create a stylish, functional, and reasonably priced space! There are so many possibilities.


homework station