What is Cheaper than Granite Countertop?

Granite can be an expensive option for a countertop no matter how you look at it. Being one of the hardest natural stones out there, the cutting and handling of the material can raise the price so much that it essentially reserves it for luxurious home renovations.

That being said, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than beautiful with your countertop setups. That’s why in this article, we’ll go over some of the alternatives to granite that are just as aesthetic and functional.

Granite-like Countertops

Here are some granite-like countertops that look and feel just the same, if not better:


Marble has always been a favorite option among those looking for an optimal countertop setup. Specially engineered marble can take it a step further and mimic the look of granite so well that most can’t tell the two apart. It also comes with the added benefit of costing a fraction of the price of actual granite.


Depending on the type of quartz, the material can be engineered to look like granite just like marble. Apart from that, it also carries a unique, naturally occurring aesthetic. This also makes them a favored option among designers looking for something low in cost. At any rate, quartz would be a worthy addition to any kitchen look.


Though it does not have the weight and feel of actual stone or tile, laminates can be printed in any look you desire. This also makes them the cheapest alternative out of all the options. If you have no problem with its texture, laminates are the way to go for a good-looking kitchen that doesn’t break the bank.

Cheap Alternatives

Cheap alternatives shouldn’t only encompass the price of a material. It should also include the labor for installation and how long the material should last relative to your lifestyle. A countertop is an investment in comfort for years to come — this should be at the top of your considerations when selecting a countertop material.

Below are the usual price ranges, from cheapest to most expensive, for countertop materials per square foot:

* Laminate – $25-$65

* Solid Stones – $35-$70

* Granite – $40-$100

* Quartz, Marble, or Engineered Stones – $50-$90

* Wood – $50-$100

* Soapstones – $60-$100

* Stainless Steel – $70-$150

Bottom Line:

And those were the main things to know if you’re looking for a Granite alternative. No matter what you choose, if it’s done right, you’re likely to be left with a kitchen countertop vastly superior to the one that came before.