Stone Fabricator

What Is a Stone Fabricator?

A stone fabricator is a company that specializes in cutting stone, for kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds, office reception desks and more, as well as installation of countertops. Metropolitan operates its own fully automated state-of-the-art stone fabrication facility in Norwood, Massachusetts that consists of the latest technology and machinery.

Metropolitan fabricates many different types of stone, including natural stones like marble, granite and soapstone, as well as man-made quartz from all major brands, including Cosentino, LG, Cambria and more. 


What is a Stone Vendor?

A stone vendor stocks and purchases stone slabs that are then sold to stone fabricators to be cut. Stone vendors stock a wide variety of natural stones, including marbles, soapstone, large format porcelain, and engineered stones. Metropolitan purchases stone slabs from many accredited Massachusetts stone vendors, including Marble & Granite, Leamar, CBS Stone and Boston Granite Exchange.

Is Metropolitan a Stone Fabricator or Stone Vendor?

Metropolitan is both! We stock hundreds of slabs as a convenience for our clients and fabricate, too. We do all our own stone installation, as well. Since we are a stone fabricator in Massachusetts, we are able to sell the leftover “remnant stone” pieces to our clients for a discounted price.

What Machinery is Used to Cut Stone?

Metropolitan’s fabrication shop features cutting edge machinery.

CNC machinery – computer-driven machinery for expert cutting. The stone layouts are plugged into computers that translate the design to the cutting machine. Using computer-driven technology to fabricate stone allows the fabricator to expertly cut the pieces.

Saw/Water jets – specialized tools that can cut using a very high-pressure stream of water. These jets can cut through natural stones including marble, granite, and quartzite, as well as man made quartz.

Bridge saws – the machine cuts down large slabs into smaller pieces to fabricate a kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Slabsmith™ layout technology – this software digitizes slabs to create 3D visual layouts for customers that are highly accurate and detailed. Customers are able to see exactly where the cuts and seams will be on the stone before it is cut.

What are Stone Fabrication Costs?

Fabricators charge for the measuring (template), material, fabrication (cutting and shaping) as well as the installation. These costs will always vary depending on the size and scope of the job. Material costs will vary, and prices will vary within each stone. There’s expensive and inexpensive marble, granite, quartzite, quartz and soapstone. Metropolitan provides competitive costs.

Who Can Buy from a Stone Fabricator?

Contractors, carpenters, architects and designers all use stone fabricators for their construction projects. Homeowners can purchase directly from a stone fabricator if they don’t need any carpentry work done to the space, and only stone is being replaced.

Contact Our Stone Team

Metropolitan’s stone team provides incredible customer service, walking customers through each step of the process. From selection to layout and installation, each member of our stone team is committed to delivering an excellent experience and ensuring quality control. Contact our stone specialists for your next kitchen project, bathroom countertop or fireplace surround.