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Marble Stone

A luxury stone, marble is known for its beauty and classic elegance, exhibiting a soft, translucent quality. Marble slab patterns usually have waves of color running through them and are often described as “veiny.”

Colors & Patterns

The color selection of marble offers a more subdued color spectrum, often in shades of white, cream, and grey, making it perfect for a waterfront New England home kitchen countertop or a Back Bay brownstone bathroom vanity.  Marbles are often chosen for their luxurious appearance and substantial thickness. Another reason people love marble is for the brightness it brings to a kitchen or a bathroom, since light reflects off the surface.

Marble Stone Characteristics

As a softer natural stone material, marble countertop surfaces can scratch and stain more easily without proper care, and a sealer post-installation is highly recommended. Marble is a porous stone, meaning it can more readily absorbs liquids than other stone materials, including granite and man-made quartz.

Marble Care & Maintenance

Metropolitan has sealed the stone at time of installation. A sealer helps to protect the stone from liquids and foods that can damage the stone, including acidic fruits, wine and oils.

How often to reseal your countertop will vary. To test your sealer, place a few drops of water onto the stones surface and wait for it to bead up. If the water does not bead on the surface, then reapply your sealer.

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Best Ways to Use

Marble can be used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds and more. If the maintenance and care of maintenance is too much, consider using it in places that don’t interact with food, including showers and fireplace surrounds.


Metropolitan operates it’s own stone fabrication facility in Norwood, Massachusetts which consists of the latest technology and machinery. We fabricate and install all of our stone work and do not sub out. Our manufacturing expertise and techniques are what set our stone team apart from the competition.

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