How long does a kitchen remodel take?

They say that the more time you give to a project, the more time it takes. The same can be said for a kitchen renovation. So how long does a kitchen remodel take? 

If you’re thinking of replacing or upgrading your existing kitchen and wondering how long that will take, we can’t give you a definite number of days, weeks, or months to complete it because that would depend on the size of the kitchen and the rest of the project, but we can give you an idea of the steps involved to ensure your timeline to remodel a kitchen stays on track!

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What are the different stages of a kitchen remodel timeline?

You could jump in feet first into a renovation project and eventually come out with an updated kitchen, but it makes more sense to take it one step at a time to ensure you’ve planned out a timeline and can stick to it.

Planning your kitchen remodel

Arguably the most important step is the planning and design phase. This is where you choose all the new pieces of your kitchen design like the floor, the countertops, new appliances, your cabinet style, and any fixtures you’re planning on adding including new lighting.

This is also when you can understand which contractor is needed to do what, and which will take longer to complete their parts of your new kitchen.

Demolition time

Arguably the most fun step of your kitchen remodeling project is demolishing the existing kitchen. The demo section removes all the old cabinets, flooring, walls, and anything else that is being changed. It’s also when your plumber can come in and plumb… if your sink and or appliances are moving from their original location.

Painting and drywall should basically follow behind and will take less time with nothing in the way.

Insider tip: The “cleaner” you can demo, the more you can save time and the easier and faster it will be to get to the next step of your kitchen renovation project.

Installing new flooring

Starting from the bottom, if you’re laying new flooring this is where it goes down. Can’t build on top of an unfinished floor!

Installation of cabinets and countertops

You’re building a remodeling layer cake, next are the kitchen cabinets and countertops that sit on top of them.

If you’re building a dream kitchen, this is when things start getting exciting as you see the project take shape.

Lighting installation

Here you can really see the kitchen space come together especially if you’re adding accent lighting and overhead pocket lights.

Clean lines become exaggerated and even more beautiful.

Fit and finish

The final part of any kitchen makeover is attaching the new hardware (drawer and cabinet pulls) and adding the pieces of decor that will make a successful kitchen remodel into the heart of the home.

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What are some of the factors that can drag out your kitchen remodel process?

Updating a large kitchen

The biggest factor would be the size of your custom kitchen. If you’re working with an average US kitchen, then your remodel could be done and just a couple of weeks. But if you’re doing a complete overhaul of a mansion’s kitchen size, the average kitchen renovation is out the window. Keep this in mind during the planning phase.

Contractor and supply chain woes

Contractors and suppliers are usually the other factors that increase the time to complete a kitchen installation.

Changes to the design or layout of your kitchen

Once you have a plan in place, try to stick to it. Nothing will ensure your kitchen isn’t finished as planned as adding to the layout. Sometimes, changes could take weeks to get the necessary tools, materials, or appliances. So, if you can’t live without it, just be ready for the extra time your kitchen remodel will take.

Plan for the worst in your kitchen project and you won’t be caught off guard. Supply chain issues and other human beings have been stressed of late, so keep that in mind during the renovation process.

Keeping your remodel project on track for you new kitchen of your dreams

As we mentioned before, planning is the most important step. Followed closely by dealing with contractors and manufacturers you can depend on.

If things go well, you could be enjoying a fresh cup of coffee in your new kitchen in just a couple of weeks, either way, know that the project will take longer than you planned for, but a complete kitchen remodel will turn your house into a home faster than any other work you can do.

For help planning your renovation timeline, contact one of our specialists today!