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Granite Stone

Classic and timeless, granite is a widely popular stone for countertops and can also be used for the backsplash. As one of the hardest materials created by nature, granite comes in thousands of colors and unique patterns.


Physical Features

Common physical characteristics of granite are multifaceted grain movement and naturally inconsistent pattern. These random patterns may portray a speckled blending of colors or a chunkier configuration, depending on the minerals in that particular slab. Every granite slab  differs in mineral pattern and color, meaning that your countertop will be unique.


Best Ways to Use

From a Boston condo kitchen countertop to a Wayland suburban home vanity, granite suits many different environments and styles. Granites strength enables it to be used for indoor and outdoor spaces, including as countertops for outdoor kitchens.

Care & Maintenance

Granite’s diamond-like hardness makes it rare to incur abrasions, staining and heat damage. Day-to-day cleaning includes just water and mild dish soap detergent to keep counters in great shape.

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