Garage Shelving with Doors

A garage is a place for storing all the items you need to get your car out of the way, but what about all those other items? Garage shelving with doors can be an organized solution for many storage needs.

We all have the typical stuff in the garage, like our lawnmower and tools, but what about everything else? What about that pile of winter clothes that never seems to end? Isn’t it time to do something about that mess?

Garage shelving with doors is a great way to organize your garage. It can hold all of your tools, sporting goods, and other things that are too big for a traditional shelf. Make sure you know the dimensions of both the inside of your garage and what you want to store on the shelves before purchasing any shelving.

The Main Parts of Garage Shelving with Doors

Garage shelving is a great way to maximize space that would otherwise be wasted. With the right products, you can store anything from gardening tools to automotive equipment and still have room for a car inside your garage. The most popular type of garage shelving is doorless cabinets with open shelves. These cabinets are perfect for storing larger items because you don’t need doors to avoid having them fall out when opening or closing the cabinet doors.

However, if you’re looking for a little more protection from the dust and grime that usually accumulate where tools and cars live, then garage shelving with doors is probably what you want. There’s no reason why you couldn’t use these types of storage units in other areas as well. Customizing them for your garage is what Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops is here for!

The Advantages of Garage Shelving with Doors

Do you have a problem with the clutter in your garage? Garage shelving with doors can help you to organize your space and clear out some of that mess. You’ll be able to store all sorts of things on top of it:

– including lawn equipment

-garden supplies


-gardening tools

-sports gear



The doors will keep everything inside safe and secure while also keeping it clean and tidy.

Things to Consider Before Adding Garage Shelving with Doors

Building garage shelving with doors isn’t as simple as it may seem. There are a few things to consider before jumping into the project. Depending on your budget, you’ll want to decide if you want the shelves to be built with or without doors. Building garage shelving with doors is typically more expensive but can make your garage feel less cluttered. Once you’ve decided on the look, there are additional concerns to take into account.

Discussing all of these concerns with one of our experienced designers will give you the best chance at creating the perfect storage solutions for your particular garage needs.

How to Start Your Garage Project

In conclusion, garage shelving with doors is an affordable way to store tools, sports equipment, gardening supplies, canned goods, and other items in your garage. The door provides an added layer of protection for the items you store within them.

If you are looking for a solution to storing your things in the garage, garage shelving with doors storage might be just what you need, and Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops is here to help!

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