Yale Appliance’s Top Tips for Optimal Use

During this time of quarantine, everyone’s home appliances are getting used more frequently than usual. We asked our good friends at Yale Appliance for tips and advice on what to know in order to keep your appliances running as smoothly as possible! Yale is currently open, meeting with limited clients in their 3 showrooms and doing virtual meetings, as well.

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  • If not being used everyday (which is rare nowadays!) you should leave the door cracked open to help prevent damp smells
  • Clean the filter every week – it doesn’t have to be changed just cleaned
  • Use the best detergent brand for your dishwasher brand
    • The type of detergent plays a huge role in the process of cleaning dishes. Certain brands and models work best with certain types of detergents. Check your user manual, or Google, to find out the best detergent for your specific dishwasher.


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  • Cleaning the oven should not be done right before using
  • Remove the racks before cleaning
  • For optimal cooking results, put food into the oven about 8-10 minutes after the oven has reached the set temperature, to allow all the parts of the oven – including the walls and the racks – to reach the set temperature, too


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  • Change the water filter at least twice a year
  • Ice bins should be emptied out about every 3-4 months to prevent clunking up and avoiding an off taste (which can come from food in the freezer, especially if not wrapped properly)
    • Cleaning the ice bin requires a few steps, which can be found in this great post on Yale’s website


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Washing machine

  • Use only a tablespoon of detergent per wash!! Yale recommends using HE or high-efficiency detergents
  • Wipe down gasket after use if not going to use again right away and leave door cracked open
  • Remove and clean dispenser every month or so depending on usage
  • Run a clean cycle with cleaner, without clothes, once a month or after 40 washes
    • Some machines will tell you when it’s time to clean. If it doesn’t have a clean cycle, it should be run on the hottest and longest cycle with cleaner and no clothes
  • To find more washing machine cleaning tips, check out this great article from Yale


  • Have dryer vent cleaned once a year
  • Clean lint screen before or after every use
  • Use the steam function (if your dryer has) to help prevent static