We Make Laminate Tops for Commercial Use

Whether for a medical office, office or restaurant, Metropolitan’s laminate countertops are perfect for commercial use.

Medical Office Countertops

  • Laminate is an ideal material for medical offices because it’s non-porous and therefore don’t absorb bacteria and spills as some natural stone surfaces


Office Desk Countertops

  • Laminate is a fantastic surface for office desk countertops, due to its smooth, even texture, and neutral color options
  • Other office areas that need to look good in a cost effective way, including receptionist desks, conference tables and bathrooms, are also perfect for laminate tops


Restaurant Countertops

  • For more behind-the-scenes spots of restaurants, such as busing stations and prep areas, laminate is a great countertop option
  • Only soap and water are needed to keep laminate countertops clean, making it an ideal surface for high-traffic areas of restaurants