Top 3 Metropolitan Cabinet Paint Colors…

…Other than white! When considering incorporating current kitchen trend colors into your home, it can feel like a risky move if you want your space to feel timeless. We love these three kitchens that feature two tone cabinetry – a style will stand the test of time – and give the staple all-white-kitchen a run for its money! Here are the top 3 colors (other than white) that we sold in 2019 at Metropolitan.

1. Metro Gray

Gray cabinets bring a cool, crisp vibe to any kitchen. We love how this Metropolitan design – which features 1″ shaker style doors and a full height backsplash – feels modern and fresh.

gray kitchen cabinets

2. Regent Blue

One of the biggest trends in kitchen design is incorporating bold cabinet colors – including blue, green and black. We love how this Metropolitan kitchen by designer Meg McSherry keeps everything in the kitchen design classic, allowing the blue cabinetry to feel current but yet everlasting.

custom kitchen cabinets

3. Hearthstone Gray

This subtle gray tone does not draw a lot of attention to itself, rather it blends into the space seamlessly. This gray cabinet color is really versatile and feels right at home in a modern, transitional and a traditional kitchen, which is why it’s so popular. We think this will be a top seller for many more years!