Reduce Your Remodeling Carbon Footprint

During your remodeling or construction project, are you trying to make environmentally friendly choices? If so, using a local manufacturer can help you reduce your remodeling carbon footprint!

  • By buying locally made cabinets and countertops, you are able to eliminate a portion of the trucking needed to get the products to your house, and therefore reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from transportation.


  • Through purchasing your cabinets and countertops from Metropolitan, you are supporting a sustainable manufacturer! Our factory uses recycled materials and recycles our waste, and we participate in the KCMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program, which ensures that the products used in manufacturing conform to the industry’s highest standards.

  • If you buy quality items that last, you reduce your carbon footprint. Metropolitan’s outstanding quality products mean you won’t have to replace your cabinets and counters for a very long time, which will reduce your landfill contributions.