Mastering Door Hinge Adjustments

A beautiful kitchen, or any room with cabinetry, must have all the cabinets properly aligned for a complete, finished look. Metropolitan’s doors feature hinges that offer six-way adjustment by simply removing the Metropolitan cabinet cover plate and using a manual screwdriver.

Following these simple tips from Metropolitan will get your client’s project looking squared away.

  1. As you turn each screw, the hinge will move the door position.

  2. Doors will adjust: up & down, back and front, side to side.

  3. The front screws can be adjusted to get the doors and drawer fronts lined up.

  4. The back screw moves the door in and out from the face of the cabinet. If a closed door touches the frame at the bottom, but not at the top, this adjustment screw will even that out.

  5. To raise or lower doors, loosen screws on the cabinet box hinge mounting brackets, raise or lower the door, and then retighten 4 screws.

  6. NOTE: Don’t use a power tool for these fine-tuning adjustments, a hand-held screwdriver is suggested.

  7. A good place to start can be a central corner, depending on the situation. Adjust each door in relation to the room, not just its neighbor. You may have to repeat this process. A ‘roughing in’ quick room adjustment can save time in the long run.

  8. There is a limit to the adjustment travel available. Be aware of this when you pick your starting point.