So Many Quartz Brands – What are the Differences?

With over 70 quartz brands on the market, it’s hard to know which brand is best for you. We sat down with Metropolitan’s stone specialist, Bridget O’Neil, to find out some of the qualities that set different brands apart.


Cambria is the only quartz brand that’s manufactured in America. So if made in the USA is important to you, this brands the winner.



Since quartz is man made, the veins and patterns don’t typically go all the way through the stone, so the color of countertop edges will appear solid. Not so with ColorQuartz, as their patterns go all the way through the stone.



New to the market, Aurea has high definition character movement evident in its sharp, clean, tight lines, with translucency equivalent to match real marble and a super white background.


LG Viatera

If you’re not looking for veining, Viatera makes beautiful stone patterns with consistency throughout.