Kitchen Reno Tips from the NYTimes

The New York Times recently published an article on how to not end up in tears during your kitchen renovation, and they begin the article by saying “All happy kitchen renovations are alike — and they live mostly in our dreams”. But don’t worry, it’s not all gloom! The article provides some helpful tips, a couple of which we really like…

1. Don’t go it alone. “Never hand everything over to one contractor. Hire a professional kitchen designer who will design your kitchen, bring you samples and explain everything to you,” said Hilary Farr, an interior designer and co-host of the television series “Love It or List It.” The designer is “there to navigate the process and be the liaison between you, the general contractor and his trades, with your interests solely as a priority.”

    • At Metropolitan we work hand-in-hand with homeowner’s and their contractors as a team, and provide the expertise insight and knowledge of kitchen design that comes with years and years of experience


2. Design for you. The article’s author writes: “I’m a minimalist who rarely cooks. My first contractor insisted that additional cabinets and a hood over my stove were crucial for resale. I’m glad I stood my ground and didn’t sacrifice the clean, nonclaustrophobic look I wanted. The next owners, who may or may not be cookware hoarders, can easily build storage.

  • We couldn’t agree more! Design the space for YOU to enjoy, not the future homeowners, who may be many, many years down the road. Take your lifestyle into consideration and make sure it works for your family and your everyday routine.

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