How to Store Spices

We take organized cabinets very seriously at Metropolitan, especially when it comes to storing spices! There is no one right way to store your cinnamon and thyme, but a few of our designers offer different kitchen storage ideas to make your spices easily accessible…

Janet’s preferred method:

  • 15” base cabinet with roll out shelves

    • Top drawer for small spices with a divider insert

    • Bottom drawer for taller, odd shape spices

    • Labels on the top of each canister/jar for finding spices easily

Kathy’s favorite cabinets:

  • The Hafele pull out spice drawer and pull out spice cabinet


Marie is partial to:

  • The simple ‘back-of the door’ storage rack, to see all the containers at eye level


Ron favors:

  • A wall cabinet with a little interior staircase so all spices easily found in plain site

    • Spices go on the 2 shelves inside cabinet, with the top shelf for baking ingredients