How to Create a Temp Kitchen During Construction

Whether you’re doing a small remodel or a big renovation, living without a kitchen can be hectic. Renovating can be taxing emotionally, and living in a house that’s under construction can add stress to everyday routine rituals, such as cooking. Setting up a temporary kitchen while you’re renovating will help keep you a little bit more sane 😉

  1. Pick a strategic location
    • Plan on setting up a temporary kitchen in some place like your garage, basement or utility room (ideally, someplace with a sink)
    • Check for adequate outlets for plugging in small appliances
    • If you don’t have a dining room, and have the space, set up a table and chairs
  2. Keep some cabinets
    • Before you get rid of your old cabinets, place a few in your temporary kitchen (the contractor should be able to help with this)
  3. Create a temporary countertop
    • Lay plywood on top of a flat surface (i.e. cabinets, boxes, existing table) to have a work space and an area for small appliances, such as a toaster oven, microwave, coffee maker and electric kettle
    • Folding tables also work really well as countertops and storage
  4. Keep essential items handy
    • Store commonly used kitchen items, such as paper goods, in clear plastic storage containers
  5. Don’t forget…
    • It’s only short-term!!