Need to Know: Extra Large Kitchen Islands

Very large kitchen islands are being requested more and more by clients. If you have the space we say go for it! There are a few things to consider when planning for an oversize island, and here’s what you need to know…


Slab Size Restrictions

  • Be aware that all quartz and granite slabs do not come in Jumbo sizing, so it’s important to know if the stone color you have your heart set on is available in a large size
  • The average quartz slab is 120″ x 55″, and for granite 120” x 70

Possibility of Seam or Seams

  • When choosing stone, be aware how large the slab is in comparison to the desired island dimensions, or you can end up with a seam

Safely Installing the Island Stone

  • Extremely large stone countertops can require special installation assistance, such as a crane
  • Know the limitations of your space ahead of installation, including staircases and doorways


  • Proper support is necessary for extra large stone island tops, especially large overhangs for seating
  • Brackets should be included in the layout and discussed during the design stage

Countertop to Countertop Clearance

  • 42″ between perimeter and island countertops is the minimum clearance we advise

Make Your Island the Star

  • Take advantage of the incredibly beautiful stone options available and make your island the focal point of the room
  • A dramatic stone can serve as a piece of art for your space

Mixing Materials

  • To achieve a large island without the seam, consider adding a wood countertop next to the stone top


  • When designing an extra large island, where the outlets go is important
  • Consider a pop-up outlet for a seamless and sleek appearance