Custom Bath Cabinets

The best way to add style to your bathroom

Custom bath cabinets can add a splash of style to your bathroom. A bathroom cabinet can be more than just storage space. Whether you are looking for a new vanity, a powder room addition, a large cabinet to fill your luxury bathroom, custom bath cabinets can add functionality and a posh look to your bathroom.

At Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops we know that the details are what make the difference. Each custom bath cabinet is made to fit your look and space. We look at cabinetry as a work of art.

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Building fine custom bath cabinets

Bathroom layouts can be a challenging project. In order to get it right, a contractor needs to take into account everything from plumbing layout and water pressure to insulation and structural integrity. It is important that the cabinetry is designed specifically to fit the space available in the bathroom. This is where Metropolitan’s years of experience can help make this project a success. 

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Storing bathroom items in your cabinets

There are many bathrooms out there that do not have any storage shelves in the bathroom itself. Often, this means that people will use the cabinets under the sink as an extra storage space for items such as toilet paper and towels. While this provides a sense of relief, it can also be difficult to find these items when they’re needed most – particularly if someone else is using the bathroom.

The best thing to do, especially in a guest bathroom cabinet, is to store a small selection of “usual” bathroom products and organize the rest in another closet to replenish the bathroom supply.

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What is a vanity style of a cabinet?

In short, to be considered a vanity cabinet, the cabinets must be fitted with a sink.

A vanity style cabinet can vary in shape from a very narrow to wide, affordable to extravagant, or stock cabinet that has a single smaller sink to immense double-wide cabinetry for the home that can hold a complete set of dual sinks and an antique countertop with embellished wooden construction and accents.

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Popular vanity cabinet styles and quality options

There are many types of finishes and fittings that you can use to differentiate your bathroom vanity cabinet from the basic materials that are used. Starting with our Northwest plywood, our unique cabinet hardware, our stunning countertops, and our maple drawers, as a manufacturer, we’re able to adjust our process to fit any style you may need. Building you a set of truly custom bath cabinets and drawer fronts.


Design your own custom bath cabinets

Countless options are available from a floating vanity for your master bathroom, to a set of stylish cabinet doors under a stunning vanity mirror. When it comes to choosing the perfect door style for your next project. They can be made out of many different materials and there are many different finishes you can choose for them!

Join us in our showroom to build your perfect custom bath cabinets!