CNC Machining Makes Precise Cabinet Parts

Computer numerical control, also called “CNC machining” is an effective method of manufacturing kitchen cabinets. Precision is of paramount importance during the design and build processes, ensuring that everything fits together and moves correctly.

Overview of the Process

A computer program has the information required to create cabinets that match detailed specifications. This program guides the tools utilized to manufacture the cabinets using numerical control. This production method is much more exact than a manual process, and it’s also possible to repeat it to produce precise replications of an item.

Applying CNC to Kitchen Cabinets

Woodworkers have discovered the benefits of using CNC to guide the course of routers to make profiles, pin holes, rabbets, and dados. A worker only has to be present to load a machine and to remove the finished piece after the completion of the precision work. This construction method also enables more detailed features such as hand carving and contouring.

Expanded technology is enabling more manufacturers to utilize this construction method.