Bridget’s Remodel Part 7 – Countertop Template & Layout

Finally, the most important part – in my unbiased opinion 😉 – COUNTERTOPS!!!!

So of course this was the most exciting part of the process for me. What I found really helpful throughout this entire process was that my selections we already made. What does that mean…..I designed and planned for the entire kitchen together – I chose all of the elements of the kitchen to work together cohesively, not separately. So when I selected the cabinets, I also chose the countertops, flooring, hardware and fixtures, to ensure each piece was complementary.

If you haven’t gone through the experience of replacing your countertops, it can be overwhelming, so here is the step-by step process that happens at Metropolitan and how we get amazing final results.

  • Template
    • The template takes place on-site at the project and this is a critical time – so it’s very important for the homeowner and/or designer to be present at this time.
    • At Metropolitan, our templaters go over all the information and it is the time to ask questions when you’re in your space.
    • A template can only be done when your cabinets are permanently installed and level
      • Click on the link to see what you need to template
  • Stone Layout
    • What is a layout you ask?
      • Layouts are where clients can see exactly which parts of the stone will be a part of the countertop and how the countertop will appear
        • We either tape out the layout of the countertop directly on the stone slabs


        • OR we digitize the layout using a computer software program
          • This is particularly useful for a natural stone with a lot of movement, since the software helps match up all the seams for a beautiful, continuous flow

        • I was no different than any client – the stone team insisted that I look at the slabs in person, review the template and confirm all the details
        • Since I was so excited about my layout, which I find to be the most fun part of the whole countertop process, we went DIGITAL!
          • I have so much confidence in our amazing software operator Thiago, so I asked him to do a digital layout for me. It was a great part of the process!
  • Full Height Backsplash With Stone
    • I went full throttle with my stone and did a full height backsplash in addition to my countertops
    • A full height backsplash requires a 2nd template visit and a 2nd install visit
    • The 2nd visit is required because the backsplash template can only be done once the countertops are installed. Templating after the countertops are installed allows for the most perceive template measurements to be taken for the backsplash
      • Inside note, make sure your outlet boxes are in and another other cutouts ( I had sconces )