Bridget’s Remodel Part 6 – Demo Day to Delivery

Once my husband and I got the kitchen gutted we knew this area would be off limits and everything we had been planning and prepping for was about to unfold. So what’s next you ask…the electrical, raw pluming, dry wall and new floor had to be done before the cabinets could be installed. SO the clock starts ticking, but this is what we had been planning and preparing for, and we had a schedule (us dreamers!) for these next steps of the process.


  • Construction schedule (what schedule?!)
    • Dates will change or get rearranged and that is ok! – everything will get done, but prepare yourself to be patient and a little flexible
    • Items may get back ordered – I had a cabinet that had a back order door (NBD). The cabinets could still get installed, and the countertop able to be templated, while the door was en route
    • Trades can get sick or have other things come up – after all humans are doing the job! – anyone with kids knows this one
  • Cabinet delivery
    • If your contractor is not starting the same day, have a designated spot for the cabinets to be stored safely (for example in your garage)



  • Cabinet install
    • Try to give your installer space – I know it’s hard but keep out!
      • You may see something and think it’s “wrong” but it’s just not done yet
    • All the appliances must be on site for install to begin
    • Keep kids out of cabinets!! Clearly my kids didn’t get that memo…It is a fun to hide in them!



**Side note – take advantage of that dumpster in your driveway – throw away things you don’t need!