How to Get Your Kitchen Ready for Renovation

When renovating your kitchen, there is a lot of organizing and cleaning that is required before the demo can begin. Metropolitan’s stone specialist, Bridget O’Neil, renovated her own kitchen in 2019 and offers great tips to help get your kitchen organized to renovate.

Take Inventory

  • Empty out and consolidate as early as possible
    • You can take items that you don’t use on a daily basis and start packing them away first

Get Organization Bins

  • Purchase clear bins for organizing items
    • I went out and bought big clear bins to start putting away the items that I don’t use every day
    • CLEAR is a key factor so you can see inside the bins in case you need something – you can see it!

Purge Time

  • If you have not used it – get rid of it!
  • This is a perfect opportunity to get rid of items and household gadgets that have not been touched in a long time

Get your kids involved

  • Have them help organize and relocate the snack station
  • This gets kids familiar with kitchen items and excited for the renovation
Bridget’s girls helping organize!