Apron Sinks: Need to Know

Apron sinks are becoming more and more popular, and we love them here at Metropolitan. If you’re considering one for your own kitchen, here are a few things to keep in mind…

  1. Apron sinks need to be ordered with the cabinets, so that the sink measurements can be accounted for with the design

    • Sinks purchased with Metropolitan are shipped with the cabinets to ensure they’re on-site

  2. Sinks must be installed at time of countertop template so measurements are made correctly

  3. Confirm the exact placement of the sink – do you want it proud with the cabinetry (pushed out a few inches)? Or flush with the cabinets?

  4. Sink cutouts made to the cabinets are done on-site by the contractor

Flush with Cabinets








Proud with Cabinets