5 Modern Kitchen Details

Looking for inspiration for modern kitchens? We identified 5 details to know for amazing modern design. From sleek slab gloss cabinetry to dramatic stone islands, we love each of these spaces for their contemporary details.

1. Statement Hardware: a truly modern kitchen embraces strong, statement-making cabinet hardware, to emphasize the drama of the space

contemporary kitchen boston


2. Sleek cabinetry: glossy, metallic cabinetry is the ultimate modern texture to create a contemporary kitchen for a wow factor

modern kitchen boston


3. Dramatic Countertops: bold patterns and big movement on stone countertops bring a fresh-looking vibe to modern kitchens

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4. Striking Lighting: no modern project is complete without bold lighting fixtures that really pop

custom quartz countertop


5. Bold Texture Backsplash: tying a whole modern kitchen together is the backsplash, and when done in a textured material, adds so much depth to the room

modern kitchen ideas