4 Reasons We Love Custom Walnut Drawer Boxes & Interiors

One of the most luxurious ways to upgrade your kitchen is by featuring custom walnut drawer boxes, which Metropolitan makes in-house! Here are the 4 reasons we love cabinets with walnut drawers.

1. Walnut Drawer Boxes & Interiors Add Warmth

Custom Metropolitan cabinets featuring walnut drawer boxes instantly add a big dose of warmth to any kitchen. The earthy tones of the wood make a kitchen feel comforting and cozy.

walnut cabinets boston

2. A Gorgeous Contrast to White Kitchens

All-white kitchens are still extremely popular, due to their lasting appeal for a big investment. Walnut drawer boxes and interiors offer a pop of texture within an all-white kitchen cabinet without feeling trendy or overwhelming. Whether a custom cutlery drawer box, or pantry roll-outs, hidden pops of walnut throughout a white kitchen create a beautiful combination.

custom cabinets newton

3. Timeless Design

Walnut interiors are such a timeless investment for a kitchen. From pantries to upper cabinets, this design choice will look classic for many years to come. If a homeowner is looking for a farmhouse style kitchen, leaning into the walnut wood can bring out that particular style. But walnut paired with transitional door styles and contemporary countertops will feel current.

walnut kitchen cabinets boston

4. Drawer Boxes & Interiors Made Locally and Customized

Metropolitan hand-crafts walnut drawer boxes in our 150,000 sqft factory in Norwood, MA. Each walnut drawer box is specifically built for specific projects, and we can create custom sizes based on a project’s specific needs.

Walnut drawer box


To learn more about including walnut drawer boxes in your next Metropolitan project, talk to your Metropolitan designer about how to incorporate this look into your new space.