3 Beautiful Kitchen Pantries

At Metropolitan we get so many requests for pantry cabinets. Whether you have a enough space for a walk-in pantry, or are looking to incorporate a built-in pantry within the kitchen layout, we can help design your dream kitchen pantry. Take a look below at our top 5 Metropolitan looks!


The Walk-In Pantry

Metropolitan designer Jennifer Stuart designed this amazing walk-in pantry for her clients, that almost acts as a mini kitchen! This space not only provides ample storage space, but is where the homeowner prepares all the food for family gatherings and entertaining so that the kitchen can act as the place to gather. With a full sink, dishwasher and double oven, this pantry is the dream prep kitchen.


The Kid-Friendly Pantry

Featuring both an easy-to-access snack drawer as well as an undercounter drawer fridge for drinks, this pantry is designed for the family’s 4 children. Having a designated area for the kids helps a kitchen stay organized and efficient.

custom mirror cabinets kitchen snack drawer


The Hidden Pantry

These gorgeous slab doors seamlessly hide the pantry, maintaining the kitchen’s sleek appearance. We love how this kitchen’s pantry is both very stylish and functional!

pantry cabinets newton kitchen pantry cabinets


We love how all three of these kitchens combine efficiency and style, proving you don’t have to skimp on design in order to make a kitchen functional and organized. If you want to learn more, contact us!