3 Pantry Design Ideas

If you have the space for a pantry, it can be amazing for organizing and storing serving pieces, non-refrigerated food items and cookbooks, keeping less used items out of the kitchen. We love these three custom pantries we designed for clients. When looking for creative ways to use extra space, look no further than these pantry cabinet ideas.


1. A Pantry to Show Off Serving Pieces


We love this pantry’s use of open shelving to showcase beautiful cookwear and serving pieces, turning it into a well-styled spot of the home.

2. A Pantry for Hosting a Party


When hosting a party guests can inevitably end up in the kitchen. We love how this pantry filled with appliances allows the host to keep the cooking separate from the entertaining area!

3. A Magical Hidden Pantry


This creatively designed kitchen has a cabinet-paneled door that sneakily hides a whole pantry! When the door is closed it appears as a wall of cabinetry and maintains the sleek, minimalist aesthetic of the kitchen.