Why Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost So Much?

Every home is different. It’s hard to understand why kitchen cabinets cost so much! 

Your style may not match your neighbors and that’s great! Cabinets are the same way and they come in different materials, designs, and builds. Depending on the factors mentioned, kitchen cabinets can be expensive.

People are often amazed when they learn the price of kitchen cabinets. Pricing varies when it comes to kitchen cabinets, but why do kitchen cabinets cost so much? Good kitchen cabinets cost a lot because they are made to last. They are made with high-quality materials and features that make them functional and attractive.

How are kitchen cabinets priced?

Kitchen cabinets are priced based on a variety of factors, including material and construction.

However, most of the cost comes from the size of the cabinets and the covered area.

Once you throw in soft close drawers and fancy hardware, your cabinets can get pretty pricey.

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What factors affect the cost of why kitchen cabinets cost so much?

There are many factors that affect the cost of kitchen cabinets, including the type of cabinet, the brand, and the size.

The cost of kitchen cabinets depends on a variety of factors, including the type of cabinet (solid wood or MDF), the brand (custom built, name-brand, or generic), and the size.

You can find solid wood kitchen cabinets at higher prices than MDF cabinets. However, MDF cabinets are usually cheaper than name-brand cabinet brands.

You can also get custom-made kitchens at a higher price than standard kitchens.

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How can you save money and time on your kitchen cabinets?

Realistically you could go for cheaper materials and finishes. Also, focus on simple hardware the finish off your look, but ask any real estate professional and they’ll tell you that the kitchen is the key to the home.

That means a great-looking kitchen filled with functionally beautiful cabinets and countertops can do more to fetch a handsome reward when you go to sell.

We recommend that you don’t skimp when it comes to the kitchen and bathrooms as aside from the bed, that’s where homeowners spend the majority of their lives.

So yes, you could go with MDF and basic handles, but spending now could make you more in the future, not to mention give you a more enjoyable home to live in for the time being!


Kitchen (and bathroom) cabinets can get expensive depending on how and what they are made out of, followed by the finishing touches you put on them (hardware, soft-close, etc.).

But your home is your biggest asset and where you spend most of your time, don’t skimp out when building a functional and beautiful space.

You’ll be better off both while you live there or if you plan on selling!