Stone Countertop Fabrication

Metropolitan’s stone countertop fabrication shop features state-of-the-art and computer-driven machinery using the latest technology. Metropolitan has its own stone fabrication shop at our Norwood, Massachusetts headquarters.

Every stone countertop is made specifically for each job.

What Is Stone Countertop Fabrication?

The stone countertop fabrication process includes 4 crucial steps: measuring, layout, cutting, polishing and installation. Each step requires a lot of precision to ensure the final product comes out beautifully. Metropolitan’s stone team has dedicated members assigned to each step in the process.

What Does a Stone Countertop Fabricator Do?

In the countertop industry there are two main vendors that play a part in creating countertops: stone vendors and stone fabricators. Stone vendors only sell slabs, they don’t fabricate (cut) the stone into usable pieces. Metropolitan is unique in that it both houses stock inventory of stone slabs, and fabricates.

Metropolitan uses advanced machines and software to expertly cut slabs into countertops, fireplace surrounds and more.


How to Choose a Stone Countertop

Before the stone countertop fabrication process can start, a client needs to choose the stone. At Metropolitan we offer a wide selection of natural stones, including marble, quartzite, granite and soapstone. We also always have a variety of quartz colors, from brands including Caesarstone, Vadara, Silestone and more. Our inventory is continuously changing so be sure to check with your Metropolitan designer on what is available at the time you are looking.


What Are Stone Countertop Edge Details?

The edge details that will need to be decided are edge thickness, edge shape and radius size. Countertops that have a “built up edge” are also called mitered. A mitered edge creates a seamless edge between the top of the countertop and a second piece of stone to create thick appearance. The stone is cut at a 45-degree angle and mounted for it to appear as one piece.

The countertop edge profile also needs to be picked ahead of fabrication. There are a bunch of options to choose from, ranging from decorative to simple. The most popular stone profile is the T-edge, also known as an eased edge, which is just straight. Other more intricate edge profiles are the Ogee, Bevel Edge, Dupont and Bullnose.

Lastly, the radius of the corners is decided. From round to square, there are several different options and the Metropolitan team will go through all of the decisions.


Measuring the Countertop Project

At the beginning of the process, Metropolitan takes a template of the countertop at the projects’ site. The template is an exact replica of the project’s surface. During this step, the templater will confirm overhangs, edge details and corner radius preference with the homeowner. At this meeting, the templater will also show where seams will occur.

Sinks have to be chosen by this step, too, since the sink model will impact the fabrication of the top.

Once the measurements have been taken, they will go back to the Norwood fabrication shop for the layout step.

Confirming the Stone Countertop Layout

Clients are required to come to our stone showroom to confirm and approve the stone countertop layout. During this step, clients are able to see exactly how their countertop will look and confirm all the necessary details. This steps is one of the fun parts of renovating a countertop!

Our stone team will go over any outstanding details and guide clients through all the approvals needed. Especially for busy stone patterns, it’s important to know before the stone is cut how the final countertop will appear. The stone is actually taped up with the exact layout of the stone so clients can visualize how the entire project will look.

Cutting the Stone & Polishing

Once the measurements have been taken, and the layout is confirmed, the project is put into production. The stone cutting process, which is the fabrication, is done at our Norwood, Massachusetts facility. The stone countertop fabrication consist of multiple elements:

  • Digital layout using computer software
  • Cutting done on state-of-the-art machinery
  • Hand polishing

Our facility consists of the latest machinery, which is what makes the difference between an ok stone countertop and a spectacular countertop. Beautiful edges and seams that line up are details that are only produced by expert fabricators.

Countertop Installation

Metropolitan’s installation team personally installs each stone countertop project. We do not sub out work. Our installers are continuously praised by homeowners and trade partners for their expertise and thoughtfulness.

The installation can take anywhere from an hour for a vanity countertop, to an entire day for a project with several rooms.

How Long Does the Stone Fabrication Process Take?

The timeline for a stone countertop varies. How long it takes to fabricate a stone countertop depends on the volume of our shop and the status of the project’s other renovation pieces, such as the flooring and tile installation. Our team strives to get every job done as quickly as possible, but because of the level of thoroughness, the process can’t be rushed.

How Do I Begin a Stone Countertop Project?

If you’re looking to start a countertop project for yourself or a client, you can reach out to one of our 4 showrooms to get started. Please note, all of our stone slabs are house at our Norwood, Massachusetts location.

If you have you countertop measurements, you can also fill out our stone quote form to get started.

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