Some Thoughts On Large Islands In Kitchens

Whether your remodeling a sleek island in your current kitchen or planning out unique design elements for your new build, searching out design inspiration for the heart of the home is a big responsibility. You want to be sure your family and guests have the countertop space to congregate and share so we’ve put together some great ideas we’ve found after building countless large islands in kitchens

Types of Kitchen Islands 

First and foremost, when you’re planning out your kitchen space you need to get through the basics:

  • How much space do you have for your island?
  • What type of countertop material do you prefer?
  • What colors are you going to focus your design on?
  • What style most speaks to you?

Once you’ve covered these basic questions you can start the prep work of the interior design for your perfect spot. For a more in-depth look at large islands check out our other piece. 

Now, starting with style, you have many options, but overall they should speak to one another. From a luxury kitchen with gold hardware, black countertops, a dark wood floor, and dark shaker cabinets to a warm and inviting country kitchen with panel cabinetry and a solid wood counter, you can build either with an inviting and roomy island that you can use as a display space for decorative items or a gathering point and casual dining option in a neutral kitchen. You just have to decide which aesthetic best fits your way of life! 

You could even go away from the traditional granite countertops or a marble kitchen island and build a minimalist kitchen featuring the industrial style of white cabinetry, open shelving, chrome bar stools, and a stainless steel kitchen island that features a butcher block. If you’re looking for more affordable options, you could always look at our wide selection of laminate options! 

It all comes down to laying out the bullet points above ahead of time! 

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Why you should build a large kitchen island with seating

In a world that is focusing more on the minimalist part of modern style, overfilling your home with modern furniture is quickly (and rightfully) going out of style. So optimizing your available kitchen space with an oversized island removes the need for extra space for dining. From morning coffee to family dinner, you can create an oversized space that is multi-use but still has a cozy atmosphere. 

On one side you and your family can manage food prep while the other side boasts an ample seating area, eliminating the need for an additional dining table. 

It could also open up the overall feeling of a small kitchen by better utilizing the available space. 

Your kitchen area is a focal point in your home. Creating an island base will allow for greater versatility and use of that space. 

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What is considered a large kitchen island?

Traditionally, you’ll need about 42-48 inches of space around an island for foot traffic. So, depending on the size of the space you’re working with what some call a contemporary kitchen island, you might see as oversized. Just be sure to leave enough space to move comfortably around the area. 

What’s the best kitchen island?

There is no real answer to that. 

Some people swoon over a white quartz counter on waterfall islands while others prefer a black finish with chevron down details and stool seating. 

(…and some folks just prefer a simple small space and a breakfast nook.)

It really comes down to your taste and your space. What we can tell you is that large islands in kitchens open up a myriad of options not only with increasing the counter space but storage blow. Freeing up counter space with a central island will make your kitchen feel purpose-built to entertain. 


How do I choose my modern kitchen island?

That’s where we come in. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners make smart design choices when it comes to their custom kitchen island builds. 

Our design experts and walk you through all the choices and options available to you while helping you hone in on your dream kitchen. 

The Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops team is here to make your dream home a reality, contact us today to talk about your project!