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All You Need To Know About Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is a natural stone mined from the earth which does not contain any harsh chemicals. However, most soapstone countertop options are treated with mineral oil or resin to make it easier to work with and less prone to cracking or marring over time. There are some homeowners that appreciate the natural patina that raw appearance, without the use of mineral oil treatments, can provide. The natural charm of a subtly worn aged soapstone is hard to deny! 

A natural stone material, soapstone is a metamorphic rock that comes in many shades but most commonly is found in beautiful gray and black colors with a smooth matte finish. It has many uses in homes, including being used for kitchen and bathroom countertop materials, or used to make decorative fireplace surrounds. This is a stone that grows with you over time, as its charcoal gray surface will oxidize from use, making it darker in appearance. 

Physical Features

While many soapstone countertops appear to be one solid color, the material can often times have veins or striking streaks in green, black, gray, or white. All soapstone is not the same, so finding the perfect pattern for you can require a little bit of searching.

Some slabs can have a worn appearance, making it a popular choice for farmhouse inspired kitchens and rooms.

Stone Characteristics

A unique property of soapstone is that any scratches can be sanded or oiled away. It’s also heat resistant, doesn’t etch from acidic foods and juices and doesn’t require sealing. All of these features make it a practical option for home projects.

Soapstone is renowned for its durability and can be used in outdoor and indoor kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces. Because it is non-porous, it is a popular choice for outdoor kitchens and sinks as well as bathroom countertops. Soapstone is dense and it is easier to wipe clean than quartz, marble, or granite.

Best Ways to Use

Soapstone is great for so many applications, including kitchen countertops and fireplace surrounds. Due to its dark coloring it’s not often chosen for bathroom projects, but it can still be used for vanity tops. It can even act as an accent piece to provide contrast against lighter-colored tiles and countertops.

Care & Maintenance

A feature that soapstone countertops are loved for is that you can simply sand away nicks and scratches as they appear. If you want a dark look, it must be oiled every few months. Soapstone grows, ages and patinas over time, so homeowners must be comfortable with the appearance changing as time goes on. Since soapstone darkens easily with the passage of time, homeowners can use mineral oil to hasten that process. Mineral oil naturally darkens the surfaces of counters. If you are using it, you’ll want to use a cloth rag to apply the oil before buffing it into the surface.

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