New Development

Multi-Family / Project Portfolio / New Development

The Beacon Watertown

Location: Watertown, MA
Total Units: 28
Wall Kitchen Cabinets: Slab in Froth of the Sea TFL
Base and Island Cabinets: Slab in Rocky Mountain TFL

Sedna Beverly

Location: Beverly, MA
Total Units: 62
Wall Kitchen Cabinets: Fairfield (Slab) in Gray Textured TFL
Base and Island Cabinets: Mansfield (Slab) in White Melamine

Avalon Acton

Location: Acton, MA
Total Units: 86
Kitchen Cabinets: Enfield (Shaker) in White Thermofoil

Ink Block 1

Location: Boston, MA
Total Units: 93
Kitchen Cabinets: Elegante (Slab) in White High Gloss Thermofoil
Bathroom Vanities: Falmouth (Slab) in White Thermofoil

Ink Block 2

Location: Boston, MA
Total Units: 135
Kitchen Cabinets: Elegante (Slab) in Black Thermofoil
Bathroom Vanities: Elegante (Slab) in Shark Grey Thermofoil

Ink Block 3

Location: Boston, MA
Total Units: 60
Kitchen Cabinets: Elegante (Slab) in Dolce Vita Thermofoil
Bathroom Vanities: Elegante (Slab) in Bisque Thermofoil
Amenity Room Cabinets: High Gloss Black Thermofoil


Location: Quincy, MA
Total Units: 91
Wall Kitchen Cabinets: Tremont (Slab) in White Gloss
Base and Island Cabinets: Elegante (Slab) in Valencia
Bathroom Vanities: Elegante (Slab) in Valencia


Location: Plymouth, MA
Total Units: 184
Wall Cabinets: Manor (Slab) in Winter Fun
Base and Island Cabinets: Manor (Slab) in Sunset Cruise
Bathroom Vanities: Manor (Slab) in Daybreak

Upland Woods

Location: Norwood, MA
Total Units: 262 units
Kitchen Cabinet Walls and Bases: Elegante (Slab) in Shadow Oak
Apartment Key Tables, Hutches, and Desks: Elegante (Slab) in Silt
Bathroom Vanities: Elegante (Slab) in Shadow Oak
Clubhouse Activity Center: Enfield (Shaker) in Snow White Thermofoil

The Edge

Location: Allston, MA
Total units: 80
Kitchen Cabinets: Elegante (Slab) in Chocolate Pear Thermofoil

The Merc

Location: Waltham, MA
Total units: 269
Kitchen Cabinet Walls: Glacier (Slab) in White Gloss Melamine w/ 2mm Ice Blue Edge Tape
Kitchen Cabinet Bases: Manor (Slab) in Caramello Melamine
Vanities: Manor (Slab) Dolce Vita Melamine (Horizontal Grain)

Market Street

Location: Lynnfield, MA
Total Units: 162
Kitchen Cabinets: Elegante (Slab) in Arbor Drift Thermofoil
Common Area Kitchen: Elegante (Slab) in Shadow Oak Thermofoil


Location: Sommerville, MA
Total Units: 100
Kitchen Cabinets: Elegante (Slab) in Dolce Vita

The Eco

Location: Allston, MA
Total Units: 112
Kitchen Cabinets: Elegante (Slab) in Shark Grey Thermofoil