How Do Cabinets Hang on the Wall?

Let’s say you’d now like to change your cabinets. Awesome! Home renovations are great for creating the space of your dreams. Now is the tricky part: mounting your cabinets securely on the wall. Luckily, this article has got you covered.

How to Install Your First Cabinet

Some of the materials you’ll need to do this include the following:

* A Pencil

* A Screw Gun

* Clamps

* Tape Measure

* Wood Shims

* Stud Finder

* Screws

* and, of course, the Cabinets.

Once you have all the necessary tools assembled, you can proceed to do the following steps:

Step 1

Start by measuring the height of the base cabinet and ensure it’s an elevation that’s comfortable for your and allows enough backsplash. The standard length for a backsplash is 18 inches. With the pencil, draw a straight horizontal line on the wall to ensure the cabinets have a guide to be aligned.

The usual height the cabinets are hung in is 54 inches from the floor to the bottom of the upper cabinets.

Step 2

Attach a ledge or support beam under the horizontal lines to give the cabinets something to stand on while you are installing them. This also means that the cabinets are even and aligned. This is only temporary as it will be removed once the cabinets are secured from the inside.

Step 3

Using the clamps, try to attach as many cabinets together as you can to safely lift them at once on the ledge board. Pre-drill the studs on the wall and attach them at a carefully marked measurement that will align with the hooks at the back of the cabinet. Otherwise, you can simply screw the cabinets onto the wall using the thicker pieces of wood found running along the top of the inner cabinet.

Step 4

Remove the ledge board under the cabinet once you are certain that the cabinet is secure to the wall. Note that the cabinet does not interfere with any plumbing and/or wiring that might run behind the wall.

You can then proceed to paint the cabinets and attach the base cabinets below.

Some Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind during your build:

* Be sure to install the wall cabinets before the base cabinets.

* Remove any drawers and doors on the cabinets during the installation process.

* If there is a corner, install the cabinets on that side first.

* The same steps apply when you’re attaching a microwave outlet.

* Be sure the wood, hinges, and knobs of the cabinets are of good quality. You are looking for something to last the test of time and support the weight of the things you put inside.

Bottom Line

And that was how cabinets hang on the wall. If you do this right, you’ll have these kitchen fixtures work for your for decades to come. If you feel you are unable or lack the know-how to accomplish any of this yourself, never shy away from asking help from your local carpenters or handyman.