Countertops / Corian

Corian® is a unique solid surface material that offers tremendous design flexibility. In addition to countertops, Corian® products such as sinks and backsplashes can be integrated to create the illusion of a single, solid surface.

Corian® Countertops

The seamless fabrication of Corian® produces an extremely durable and easy to maintain surface. The color and pattern run all the way through and will not wear away over time. Corian® does not delaminate and the joints are unobtrusive, impermeable, and hygienic, creating a seamless appearance.

Corian® is a versatile material for residential, multi-family and commercial environments.

Metropolitan offers Corian® countertops installed by our certified team. In addition, some vanity countertops are available pre-made and ready to be installed by your contractor or plumber.

I find the team to be courteous, professional, extremely knowledgeable and practical.